Message from the Founder

For me it has always been about hand-written messages. It
began in elementary school when every Friday I’d get a
special note in my lunchbox from my Mom. Next it was
letters from pen-pals scattered around the globe, delivered
to my mailbox decorated in foreign stamps. Now, as I’m
living away from friends and family it is the occasional card
in the mailbox, for special occasions or sometimes, just
because. I love seeing familiar handwriting on paper when I
collect the mail.

I believe a handwritten message that comes to you in the
mailbox is the epitome of thoughtfulness. We see
one-another in our handwriting.

The reality however, is that the art and sincerity
of the written message is fading away and
handwritten messages delivered to your mailbox are being
replaced by text messages and e-cards.

Through Gift in Time I have decided to bring back the old
fashioned touch of handwritten messages through the
new touch of technology. I want everyone, young and
old alike, to have the ability and ease of sending
old-fashioned handwritten messages no matter how little
time they have, from the comfort of their living room or
just as easily from a busy airport, and for everyone to
feel the joy and excitement of receiving these sincere and
authentic handwritten messages in a beautiful greeting
card no matter where they are in the world.

Combine these handwritten messages with a beautiful,
one-of-a-kind artisan gift that has been thoughtfully and
discerningly curated, a gift as unique and special as those
you love, and with only 4 taps on your mobile, Gift in Time
truly does make Thoughtful Gifting Effortless.

Happy Gifting Everyone!

Andrea Loborec xxx