How We Gift

Here is a summary of some of Gift in Time’s powerful
features that help you gift effortlessly.

Save Your Contacts & Special Dates, Once

Never say belated again! With our built-in calendar
feature, you only have to input your contacts and special
occasions once. After that we will remind you when it's
time to send your gift and/or greeting card out on-time.

Browse Remarkably Unique Gifts

Our carefully curated marketplace of gifts provides just
the right number of options without being overwhelming.
You’ll be able to find one-of-kind gifts in a matter of
minutes. It's Thoughtful Gifting Made Effortless.

Every Gift Comes Paired with a Greeting Card & Gift Box

Save yourself the hassle and scotch tape! Every gift you
send will be paired with a custom greeting card and
stunning gift box.

Don't want to send a gift this time?
No worries! Send a totally customized greeting card, in
YOUR writing for only $4.95. P.S Postage is on us!

The Technology

Remember that amazing feeling of receiving a handwritten
note? Our greeting card technology allows you to
upload an image of your handwriting (which is
exactly what will be embedded on the card), or, if you’re
ashamed of your penmanship or you’ve lost your pen,
we’ve got a stylish handwriting font to use instead.

Sharing is Caring

Tempted by some of the amazing gifts you've seen? Us
too. Treat yourself, or save your favourite items to your
Wishlist or create a Registry! That way, your family and
friends will know exactly what you are hoping for!