Gifting Points

Gifting Points are our way of saying thank you. Thank you for
sharing the gift of giving, and for choosing to do it with us.

We award Gifting Points directly to your Gifting Points tab for
every dollar you spend on our site! You can check out your
total Gifting Points on your Profile dashboard page at anytime.

But that’s not it.

As you accumulate Gifting Points, you will always have the
opportunity to redeem your points towards future
purchases, or, donate their dollar value to WE,
formerly Free the Children.


$1 on gifts = 1 Gifting Point
$2 on experiences = 1 Gifting Points
50c on greeting cards = 1 Gifting Point
Shipping & taxes = 0 Gifting Points


Every 50 Gifting Points gives you
$1 off your purchase.

100 points would give you
$2.00 off your purchase.

You can redeem your points in lots of 50.